Thursday, July 28, 2005

Crooked Legs

Camino Villa 3.3mi

I can’t seem to force myself to remember to take a waking pulse every day. When I do remember, I’m always afraid that the minute that I’m sitting still watching the clock I will fall back asleep. I have been monitoring my resting pulse during the day and it seems to hover around 51-56 bpm.
This morning I started off feeling like I had plenty of energy, but my legs started cramping in the first mile and I never was able to stretch them out. Something was definitely out of whack, whether it was my body or the road I’m not sure, but the tightness was in my right shin and my left achilles. I took a lot of walk/stretch breaks and ended up running about a twelve minute pace.
I saw lightning in the distance starting out so I decided to stay close to the station. I ended up running through the subdivision off of Camino Villa, which was good for my general knowledge of the area. I think if I spend some time running in these neighborhoods I’ll be much more efficient when it comes to finding them on calls. This looked like a relatively standard subdivision, but I kept hearing roosters crowing from people’s backyards, and everyone who was leaving on their way to work was putting water in their radiator first. Everyone seemed to be eyeing me suspiciously and no one said “Hello”, but then again neither did I.


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