Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Power Walk of Shame

South UTBT 3.7mi

Wednesday morning before the start of my shift I take a brisk walk from the station south to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail. Here I head south along the canal and then loop north around the water plant and up Montague to Waters. Even after a year at this station I can't pass Montague Street without getting a Bob Dylan lyric stuck in my head "I lived with them on Montague Street in a basement down the stairs." Somehow I think the apartments around Westchase's fake little Main Street come up short on the bohemian flophouse charm.
I'm a little self conscious about this required power walking, and I hope that I don't run into anyone from my crew on their way into work. My shoe/sock combo which works great for running is creating a lot of friction on the balls of my feet and I fear that I'm developing blisters. I maintain a good 13 min/mile pace and I'm back at the station before anyone else makes it in.


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