Sunday, July 31, 2005

Caught In The Act

North UTBT 3 mi

Sunday morning I hit the UTBT for the required forty minute walk before work. I take the old standby three-mile out and back route to Linebaugh. I know that my former captain runs this route from his station to the south and I’m hoping that I don’t run into him while I’m doing this powerwalking. About three-quarters of a mile in, I hear footsteps and a voice behind me. “Good morning Devon,” followed by “What are you doing, warming up?” I fall in with him and jog for a minute or so, explaining the training program that I’m doing. We both stop to walk for a minute at the UTBT’s two-mile marker, and he looks disappointedly at his watch. “Do you think that these mile markers are too far apart?” I always think that they are too far apart. I tell him that the next time that we are at a station together I’ll show him how to use the mapcard site to figure out the mileage of his routes.
I borrowed a pair of Jan’s socks because mine had been causing hotspots on the balls of my feet when I walked. These socks solved that problem, but they didn’t come up high enough on my achilles and the backs of my shoes had rubbed me raw there after a few miles. I ended up running the last mile or so just because it was easier on my chafed heels.


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