Saturday, August 06, 2005


UTBT/Gardner 4.1mi

I ran the UTBT north via Linebaugh to Gardner Road and back. I’m a little cautious about running this route in the early morning as there is a little bit of road running involved, and at this time of year it is still very dark at six a.m.
I put on my headlamp and ran in the oncoming lane to make myself a little more visible. I got to the trailhead about 6:20 and was surprised at the number of other runners I encountered. I had forgotten that today was Saturday. I waved and said hello to everyone and, as usual, all of the men waved and said hello, and all of the women pretended not to have seen me. I don’t know if there are men who go out running at six in the morning to pick up women, but it seems unlikely to me.
I felt strong and relaxed, and the temperature wasn’t too brutal yet. I ran my usual 11:00 pace and all of the mile markers were right where I expected them to be.


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