Sunday, August 07, 2005

Going Berzerker

Alicia 3.3mi

As the gym is not open on Sundays, on these days I usually opt to walk for my crosstraining. I think I’m reaching a breaking point with the walking. In order for me to get my heart rate up to where I want it, I have to walk as fast as I possibly can. This makes for a very unnatural motion that I think may be even more stressful than running. I’m considering simply switching to a nice easy run on these days. Because Sunday is my last workout before Tuesday’s long run, it is especially important that I don’t overexert myself on these days.
The Sligh Avenue bridge is open again, so I decide to head up that way for my walk. I cross over the river and bear south along the west bank. Somewhere in this neighborhood is Joe Redner’s house, but I don’t think I can identify it from the street and for some reason he doesn’t have a “Leave Joe Alone” sign in his yard.


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