Thursday, October 13, 2005


I have been working on adding some new features to the site and they are finally ready to debut.
I have been playing around for awhile with different GoogleMaps mashups and I've finally found something that I'm relatively happy with. The mashup developed by Jared at CommunityWalk allows users to post markers, text, and multiple photos on their own GoogleMap, and it allows for various levels of depth through internal links and filters. The two maps that I have developed are in this site's sidebar under "Photomaps". The "Running Through Tampa" map is a companion site to this blog with photos and text excerpts tagged to their locations on the map. "Tampa Folksonomap" currently looks identical to the "Running Through Tampa" map because it only has my markers on it, but this map is open for other users to post their own text, photos, etc. This could be a powerful tool for us to develop a grassroots view of our community's history, culture, geography, etc. Follow the tutorials at CommunityWalk for directions on how to post to the map, and be sure to look at the other map communities for ideas and interesting information.
I have grown tired of deleting the comment spam from each new post, so I have turned on the word verification feature. Now you will have to prove that you are not a robot before you can comment.
Finally, in response to a conversation I had with Stefanie, I have added a "Reading List" to the sidebar for anyone who wishes to follow along.


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