Sunday, November 27, 2005

From Above

Epps Lowry 4mi

This is the run that brings me up to date. A familiar route run at the last minute on a day filled with sloth. When I get too far behind in my writing sometimes I feel like I can’t even live in the present until I get clear of the past. The weight of runs unwritten and posts unposted keeps me from writing and even running so that I don’t make the backlog even deeper.
Chris and I used to have a plan to become famous artists, uncorrupted by the money and power that we would inevitably have access to. We didn’t spend much time making art or even talking about how to become famous. That was a given.
The plan began at the point where we were both world-renowned painters (we were both artists but neither of us could paint to save our lives). Our works would be sought after by galleries and collectors, but we would simply refuse to sell them, preferring to throw them out the window of our Ybor City studio. Naturally, as word of this got out, crowds of people would gather on the street below our window, waiting for us to bless them with our genius. To thwart this kind of activity, we would begin stockpiling our work, waiting for months until one rainy night a lone homeless man would stagger off of the deserted street to slump against the building, and we would throw out hundreds of paintings at once.
These past few weeks I haven’t exactly been slaving away in the studio and you, dear reader, haven’t exactly been standing in the street. Nevertheless, I’m throwing all of these entries out at once. Use them to cover your head. It’s raining out there.


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