Thursday, August 25, 2005

Into The Light

West Bank 3.6 mi

Once again, my legs started to feel good and I wanted to go right out and do another speed session. I settled on the familiar West Bank route because I knew where the mile markers were, and I could have a point of comparison from previous runs.
I start out from the house and I can feel that my pace is a quick one, but I feel strong and it’s nice to stretch out a little. At my first walk break I’m more than a minute ahead of my normal pace, and the first mile comes in at 8:00 including the walk break. If I can maintain this pace for a 5k, I may be within striking distance of a four-hour marathon.
I’m running down the middle of the road, trying to concentrate on my form, and my focus is becoming more and more narrow. Soon I’m down to just the most essential: step, step, step, breathe. At about 2.5 miles I come up against the proverbial wall. I stop for a walk break and then shift into an easy jog. It’s as if a light comes on. My vision opens up, I hear the sound of the street, and I feel myself moving out of this tunnel of hypoxia. I keep the pace down for the last mile or so, and I still manage to cover the 3.6 miles in 32 minutes, a new personal record.


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