Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bringing Up The Rear

North UTBT 3mi

Today I’ve recovered enough for a slow run on the UTBT before work. Another Saturday morning with packs of runners on the trail even before the sun has come up. Most of them are running a faster pace than me and I let them pass, avoiding the temptation to push any harder. About two miles in I’m passed by my old captain and we exchange greetings, but he’s running seven-minute miles so we don’t talk for long.


Blogger Matt_NC said...

So I posted a comment from two weeks ago (21st). Shelley just showed me the site yesterday. I particularly like the 18th and 21st of Aug entries. I can picture Mikey B giving directions like that and actually finding the party. I doubt he's ever been accused of linear thought.

I need to look up this Denis Wood guy, especially since we live in the same area and share an interest in mapping.

Sorry about blathering on so long with my other comment. I guess It's loosely related to the thread you started.

I'm impressed that you're doing this and the writing and observations are damn good, though some is lost on me with my spotty Tampa knowledge.

Raspberry says hello.

4:09 PM  

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